Katie Keating, Global Social Brand Strategy Lead at IBM

~On why IBM is marketing to millennials~

  • "What do we sell to millennials? We're not Apple or Google - millennials aren't interacting with us every day. IBM is moving in the direction of selling to real people - people making purchasing decisions who never used to. We try to reflect that in the content we create for social. We want to feel, human, approachable, as in responding directly to Tweets. Social media lets us show off the human side, the culture, the personality of the people who work here."
  • "When you really understand the technology, it's hard to see how it will affect my life. But when you understand "Oh we're creating this chip that will going into this machine, that a doctor will use to diagnose cancer cells in 10 minutes versus days… then you think: "Oh it affects me"! Patients hear about Watson and they think: "Oh I want my doctor to have this technology." We want people to understand the direct impact the technology will have on YOUR life. You might not be buying that chip, but you certainly want your healthcare provider to have that chip. Patients are asking for Watson!"

Austin Pietrobono, UX/UI Designer

  • "Before IBM, I did a co-op at Hasboro working in their advanced R&D group. I worked on their Animatronic line "Fur Real" and they needed someone's voice to record for the voice of the Baby Penguin toy. Baby Penguin is me. It's interesting – all animatronic toys use human noises. Because children react to human voice."

Margo Konugres, Managing Consultant

  • I am working on Talent & Change Engagement team, changing and restructuring our new-hire onboarding and training programs. [This} project I'm on now is my favorite. "Buy a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish and he eats forever." I love being able to mentor people and show them – here's your way forward. I came from a big Greek family - I was the first generation to go away to school. I learned a lot on my own. I love the sensation of giving back to the void I didn't have. Advising people, helping them feel at ease, showing them how to help themselves, how to find answers they're looking for."